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Ariel Cavalcante Foster’s fabric installation work distills concepts of nature, figurative forms and pattern into symbolic compositions parallel with monotone graphic design. Her tapestries decompress the repetitive nature of patterns with the use of space and form. Hand-carved linoleum blocks made for textile pattern-making are reimaged into figurative forms and symbols within spatial compositions. The chance for body and movement in fabric informs the design of her installations, enabling her to transform the flatness of prints into three dimensional works. She experiments with the relationship between the artist and the multiplicity of printmaking; how the mechanical is human. Her press is her body; through the pressure of her feet and guided by music, it becomes a dance. A performance that goes unseen, hidden behind the work itself, speaks to the labor and process of the artist practice.

Ariel Cavalcante Foster 

Ariel Cavalcante Foster is a Brazilian-American artist, curator and community programer based in Baltimore, Md with a BA from Goucher College (2016) in Studio Art and Arts Administration. Ariel leads art workshops, co-facilitates the Womyn’s Circle in Baltimore and serves on the board of Roots and Raíces. In 2017, she interned for The Contemporary as a co-creator for their annual publication. That same year, Ariel participated in the art residency, Casa na Ilha, in São Paulo, BR, a home for artists to create site-specific work and collaborate with the local residents and native islanders. She has exhibited work throughout the Maryland region including The Strathmore Mansion, MONO Practice, The Menial Collection, Resort, Palacio del Sol and Area 405. Her work is part of Goucher College Library and Special Collections and is a recipient of the Rosenberg Travel scholarship. In 2018, Foster participated in the Baltimore Artist Retreat and joined the Urban Arts Leadership Fellowship Cohort.

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